Wednesday, October 06, 2010


What's up?

Something happened in the middle of September. That wet, dreary month. So wet and dreary that for six days in a row, I didn't run, didn't walk much, and napped in the afternoon. No ambition at all. Maybe this running thing wasn't going to work for me.

First off, my 5K on Sept 11 was a tad of a disappointment. I hurt. I ran slow. Thankfully, Mike ran at my side the whole way. I barely made the 2.5 miles they had laid out. And no, 2.5 miles is NOT 3.1 miles (5K). We were shorted on the course. We stopped and got water, realized that we hadn't run a 5K, and decided to run 0.6 miles farther. Terribly anti-climatic. Beautiful weather and lots of fun with the kids at the Monarch Festival afterwards, but a running bummer. I'm calling it my 5K*.

The week following my 5K*, Erin and I ran a couple times in the rain. One run was even 4.25 miles with a walking and some sprinting. Then nothing for 6 days. 

Finally the weather perked up a little to only a mild drizzle, so Erin and I ran. We didn't expect much. Then we went 3.9 miles in 48 minutes. All running. What!? Where did that come from? Two days later, we did 4.6 miles in 50 minutes. We were stunned.

I had forgotten about this lovely phenomenon that I first learned during swim season. In seventh grade, I swam at a certain pace, gradually got faster, then sucked for awhile, and then improved dramatically. Same with my running now. I kept running and running, then gave my body a break, and suddenly whoosh!

Last weekend, Erin and I ran 5.6 miles. That was my longest run ever and I felt so good. This Saturday, we are going to run our first 10K (6.2 miles). Wow. That's a long ways from huffing and puffing it the 0.6 miles around my block back in May. 

So what's up? My pace, my distance, my enthusiasm and my iron levels (I think my red blood cells are giddy with more oxygen.).

Watch out 10K! Here I come!

p.s. A big congratulations to my friends who completed the Twin Cities marathon last weekend. Way to go, Kari, Emily, Ruth and Scott!


Toni said...

Hurrah! Good luck tomorrow!

Amber said...

Thanks! So great to see you there!