Thursday, March 01, 2012

Beginning again

So, it's been awhile. I wrote several half-finished, unpublished posts. I considered writing an update, trying to "catch up" my blog, but that feels daunting and is unlikely to be an interesting read. In exercise and in writing, I have learned that catching up is a poor strategy for me. Much better to begin again. Otherwise, I feel like I'm always behind. Best to start where I am now and go from there.

Where am I now? Literally, I am sipping decaf at my favorite coffee shop. Exercise-wise, I am venturing into the new-to-me realms of yoga and personal training. I ran my half-marathon (13.1 miles) in October. Recap of experience: first 6.5 miles were killer, last 6.6 miles were glorious. I gave myself a break after that. In fact, I haven't really come out of that break. Running has been sparse and fairly miserable. I feel slow. Wretchedly slow. In training for the half-marathon, I seem to have increased my distance by slowing my pace way down, thus losing some cardio capacity. Must do sprints. Don't want to. Hey, lookee there, a yoga groupon!!

I've done yoga on the Wii Fit and with a video, but never in a studio. Very, very different. Yoga in my downstairs with Wii is "exercise"; yoga in a studio is an experience, an atmosphere, a joyful balm for my introvert soul. Dim lamps on the floor, swaying, rhythmic music like I never listen to, instructors whose calm, confident earthiness and encouragement speak directly to my body. I can't get in the groove of line dances, always turning the wrong direction, but with yoga it's like my body does the listening and just flows and holds and flows and holds. My green mat indicates my space. I wiggle my toes in the cushiness. I balance, I remember I have a core that holds me. I give 100%, then relax 100%. Stretch and bend and breathe.

Yes, yoga. I hope to never be without you.

Next time: I get a personal trainer!


ET said...

welcome back!

Amber said...

Thanks so much for reading, ET!